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Jenny v Elle:

exkluzivní rozhovor tváří v tvář Jennifer Aniston
nechtělo se mi to překládat, tak to tu máte anglicky, možná příště....!:))

I don't owe anybody anything

Jennifer Aniston sits on the floor, knees pulled close to her chest, curled in on herself, looking up with those famous blue eyes. She is toned and tanned, with sunkissed hair and a beach-babe body. She's wearing a thin white James Perse T-shirt, no bra, with faded boyfriend jeans, sheepskin clogs and an antique diamond pendant. If she has make-up on, it's imperceptible. She's polished, perfect, honey blonde. She has that just-better-than-ordinary gorgeousness, a beauty that is unthreatening, that seems entirely unforced. She's tiny, of course, but curvy at the same time. She has the best breasts you've ever seen. She's open, warm and welcoming. Here you are, a stranger - worse, one with a tape recorder - sitting on the couch in her office, about to force her into an unwelcome intimacy, and yet she's looking up at you with a smile.
Are you really where you want to be at the moment?
[Very quietly] I am.
What have you learned along the way?
To be happy right where you are. [Laughs] Truly. Just to be yourself and to be happy. Not to worry about what anyone thinks of you or your situation. People are always going to have opinions and you always want to right the wrong, correct the lie. Ultimately, it's impossible. It's certainly an impossibility for me. Instead, I remind myself every day that I am lucky. Look what's out there. Look what people are really living through. There's no comparison. I am happy.
Do you never have the desire to set the record straight? To say, this is my side of the story?
I have absolutely nothing to gain by that. No matter what I say, things will always be taken out of context and misinterpreted, will always be turned around to make it seem as though I won't let something go, or that I just keep talking about it over and over. It's too hard on the soul. I don't owe anybody anything. I don't owe anybody my side of the story. There are no sides! There is no bad guy and there is no good guy. There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story. It's just not the case. So there's nothing to go on trial for, or to stand on a soapbox for. [Even more quietly] I feel like I'm done answering those sorts of questions.
Are you surprised at the continuing interest in it, though?
Let's just not. I'm sorry. It's not my instinct, trust me.

I've never felt this good about myself before
It's almost impossible to believe that Jennifer has just turned 40. She seems entirely sanguine about ageing. She talks admiringly about how Demi Moore has redefined what it means to be female and 40. She credits her own Mediterranean heritage, Neutrogena soap, monthly facials and 'an obsession with sunscreen' for fabulous, unlined skin.
'I'm a realist,' she says. 'I know that if I eat nothing but burgers and chips, I'm not going to be hired for the parts I normally would. I'd become a character actress. That might be fine one day, but not right now.' And probably not for some time - Jennifer has a strength and presence that goes beyond the incredible body and immaculate grooming. It demands respect.
'I feel better than ever,' she says. 'I'm at ease - and not just with my age. Really, I'm at peace. I've never felt this good about myself before. I think that shines through.
Now, Jennifer is looking for other projects. 'I get offered funny, quirky, pretty roles,' she says, with a slight roll of the eyes. 'I'd love to do an action movie. James Bond! Glamour! Daniel Craig! Shit-loads of fun!'
What about a Friends movie. 'Who knows? I always say, "If we do it, let's hurry up so people don't go, 'Look how they've aged!'" Courteney Cox and I talk about it all the time, but it's getting further and further away. I don't think the movie will happen, to be honest.'
Jennifer Aniston is finished with talking about herself. She smiles. 'I am really proud of my life now.' She smiles again. 'It is insane that there's any kind of doubt as to my happiness, any thought that I'm dissatisfied with my life. I have no regrets. None at all. I've only had great experiences. I want people to know that.'
Marley & Me is out on 11 March


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